Digital Mold Printer K1170-4 8G Ultimate

Digital Mold Printer K1170-4 8G Ultimate

Printhead : MAX RC1536/MAX RC1536 L

Grayscale : 16 Levels

Ink Circulation Mode : Printhead Internal Circulation +Ink Circulation Unity

Ink Circulation Q'ty : 130ml/min

Printing Resolution : 360dpi

Printing Volume : 35g/m2 /85g/m2 (Large Volume Inkjeting Printhead)

Printhead Board : Upgrade 8G Printhead Board

Printing System : Independently developed system based on windows + 10G  data processing network

Printing Width : 1170mm

Colour Channels : 4 channels

Unique Technology : Feathering Function,Nozzle Voltage Precise Adjust,Nozzle Blockage Compensation


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