Feldspar found in off-white, or pink to pale-coloured. It is known as a natural source of potassium oxide (K2O), Sodium Oxide (Na2O) and Aluminium oxide (Al2O3).Feldspars play an important role in ceramic industries bodies. Feldspars used include Catalysts,Acid resistant and Decorative Stone as a flux or binding agent in certain scanning Soaps and artificial teeth. KORB produce highet quality potassium feldspar and sodium feldspar as per client requirement.

Uses :

Feldspar are used in fibreglass for insulation,glass for protection, glass for drinking purposes.The flooring and shower basins in our bathroom and tableware. Feldspar is generally used in making the body composition of several types of porcelain,The chief use of Feldspar mineral is in the Ceramic and Glass Industries. Smaller quantities are used in the manufacturing of Tiles,White ware and Sanitary ware.It is also used as an important ingredient in the glass sand batch. Used as a bonding agent in the manufacture of bonded abrasives like wheels and discs of garnet, corundum.

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