Quality Check Machine

Quality Check Machine

Machine with integrated Caliber-Planar and compact size on the line
Ease to use
Fast start-up at product change
Caliber-Planar pre-calibrated for all formats
3D visualization of flatness
Exportable statistics
Alarms that can be set for each type of defect
Remote asistance option

Technical features
Tile Size: from 150x150 to 1200x1800, depending on model 

Dimensional and planarity controls: display with 3D mapping of the entire surface of the tile. No caliber/planar adjustment operations at format change

TONE Management: self learning with first choice examples, two tones simultaneously active, no faces control for tone-shaded products 

Control of aesthetic DEFECTS: self-learning for defects
Possibility to define specific downgrade thresholds for type of defectSelection criteria for the background color, glossy/opaque surface, grain amount (on blasted products), wavy or flat surface (double loadings)

Alarm Management: warning messages and/or alarms for individual defect (acoustic and visual signals on consoles), line lock in more severe cases
Technical specifications
Overall dimensions: depending on the model 

Acquisition systems:

High-resolution camera, diffused LED back-illuminator, LASER projectors

High resolution RGB and B/N cameras with dedicated LED illuminator (TONE and DEFECTS)

Power Supply: 230V, 4.5 kW 

Operator Console: Display 17" LCD, Keyboard and trackball 

lnterfaces: Digital opto-isolated for stackers,Ethernet 100 mbit/sec, digital I/O for signaling

Key Features
Ease to use
Control of the production process
Fast start-up at product change
Exportable Statistics
Alarms can be set for each type of defect
Remote Assistance Option
Integration with optional tile ejector or break device

Tile format: 
EXAMINA G600 up to 600(fired) perpendicular to the straps 
EXAMINA G900 up to 900(fired) perpendicular to the straps
Performance: up to 160 pieces/minute for formats 200x200,
60 pieces/minute for 600x600, conveyor belt up to 60 metres/minute
Surface controls: broken corners and edges, lumps, chipping, drops, strips, lines, decoration accumulations and, in addition, for glossy products, small hollows or bumps

Alarm Management: 
   Warning Messages and/or alarms for individual defect 
    Acoustic and visual signals on consoles 
    Line lock in more severe cases

    Charts, Histograms, Parameter Settings
    Production data locally available and accessible via LAN for statistical prints and analyses

    Intervention policies: 
    Visual and acoustic signaling
    Optional systems for marking, breaking or removing tiles

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