Storage And Handling 

Optimization, stabilization and standardization of productive flows with the maximum flexibility of lots management, are only some of the benefits at the basis of a tecnoferrari storage system. 
Latest generation tgv or lgv systems allow to connect the various production phases and to manage the intermediate product parkings, with the maximum efficiency and productivity. 
Product range is completed by all the loading, unloading and handling machines required until the product is finished, until the processing is over.

Advantages of Integrated TGV Storage

MANAGEMent and traceability of productive data and sharing of the same on factory supervision systems. 
Completely automatic operation, including battery recharging.
Maximum degree of security for operators. 
Versatility of the system.

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We've started our operations in compliance with the revised government directives; we have started taking orders for product deliveries.

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