Tgv box

TGV BOX TecnoFerrari automatic vehicles (TGV) are battery-powered shuttles that move automatically following a track of magnets permanently inserted into the floor, therefore completely safe both for wheels vehicles and for the operators.

The TGV, prepared for transport of roller boxes or loading platforms have a maximum capacity of 15,000 Kg.

They can move, for a TR 300-type loading/unloading machine, up to 260 sqm of material into a box and for an MP 300-type, up to 350-400 sqm onto a loading platform.

Models also exist in which re-charge also takes place automatically in a partial re-charge station. In this case the TGV dedicates all block times to auto-recharge of the batteries, without operator intervention.

By means of our innovative ISM system for the production of ceramic granite the versatility of TecnoFerrari automatic guide system can be employed for the transport of silos (containing atomized material) up to 15.000 Kg.

The vehicles have sophisticated and reliable active and passive safety systems for continuous control of the surrounding space, to prevent accidental blows; the safety devices are virtual programmable laser bumper, mechanic bumper, side straps, sound and flashing signals.



Completely automatic functioning, also for battery re-charge
Maximum safety level for operators
Increased capacity (up to 15,000 Kg)
Versatility of the system and limited workings for track extensions and modifications
Reliability and sturdiness of the vehicles
Process control and optimization of the production cycle
Standard dimension: 1660x2750mm h520mm



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